Wecon Plc Editor 1.5 Download

Wecon PLC Editor v1.5.0 Download – The PLC Programming Software. Version 1.5 supported the PLC series LX CPU and CC CPU. Certainly, downloading Wecon PLC Software on my blog is free.

Wecon PLC Editor v1.5 – PLC supported

Wecon PLC Software v1.5 supported:

wecon plc programming software
The Wecon PLC Programming Software
  • Firstly, the Wecon LXCPU series LX1S/LX2N/LX2E/LX2V
  • Secondly, the Wecon LXCPU series LX3V/LX3VP/LX3VM/LX3VE/LX3VT/LX3G
  • Finally, the Wecon CCCPU series CC3V
wecon plc editor download free
Wecon PLC-Editor download free

Further, if you have a Wecon PLC series LX5 you need to use the Wecon-PLC Editor2. Download Wecon Editor 2 at the below link.

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Wecon PLC Editor V1.5 – System requirements

Firstly, to install and use the Wecon PLC Programming Software v1.5, we need:

  • Windows system: A PC installed with Windows 11/ 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7 with USB and RS-232C or Ethernet interface
  • CPU; Memory capacity: recommended by Windows OS.
  • Display unit: Resolution: 1024 × 768, High Color (16 bits) or higher
  • In addition, free space (HDD/SSD): 500 MB or more.

Download Wecon PLC programming software

  • Information Wecon PLC software v1.5
    • File name: Wecon_PLC Editor setup 1.5.0
    • File type: ZIP
    • File size: 84.5 MB
    • Version: ver.1.5.0 (Jan 2022) – Latest version
    • Link fast speed
    • Source: Wecon Technology
wecon plc software download free
Wecon plc software download free
  • How to install Wecon PLC Programming software v1.5.0
    • Firstly, download the file at the below link
    • Secondly, after downloading the file(s), use WinRAR (for .zip or .rar file) to extract the file to the PC
    • Thirdly, run the file “Wecon_PLC Editor setup.exe” and follow the guide to install the software
    • Finally, open and use the Wecon PLC programming software

Download Wecon PLC software v1.5 – Video

Download Wecon PLC software v1.5 Free

However, you can watch all videos at “365manuals video

  • Wecon PLC-Editor v1.5.0 Download
  • Moreover, Wecon PLC_Editor2 for LX5CPU Download

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