Unlock Password Pou Plc S7 200 Smart

Today, I guide you to set and unlock POU password S7-200 SMART (Service) on Step 7 MicroWIN SMART V2.7. As I have shown, the control program for an S7-200 Smart CPU consists of the following types of Program Organizational Unit (POU): Main program, Subroutines, and Interrupt routines. We can set the password for each POU. However, if you forgot, I can unlock S7 200 SMART POU.

Set POU Password S7 200 SMART Program

The Siemens PLC S7‑200 SMART series is a line of Micro PLCs that can control various automation applications. Further, with the Ethernet and RS485 ports, you can easily communicate with PC, HMI and other devices. The PLC programming software for S7 200 Smart is Step 7 Micro/WIN SMART, you can download the latest version (V2.7) here. Before open the POU password S7 200 SMART PLC, we need to set the POU password program on Step 7 MicroWINSMART (v2.7), follow the steps:

  • Step 1: On your program, click to open the “Program Block” (left panel)
s7-200 smart plc program block
s7-200 smart plc program block
  • Step 2: Select a POU to which you want to set the password. And then right-click on it, click “Properties”
step7 microwin smart pou properties
step7 microwin smart pou properties
  • Step 3: Click “Protection” and tick the “Password protect this block” box
  • Step 4: Enter your password to the “Password” and “Verify” box. Moreover, you may choose to password-protect all POUs (Main, SUB, INT) in your project using this password by ticking on the “Password-protect All POUs using this password” box. Any POU that is already password-protected will be unaffected.
  • Step 5: Click “OK” and “SAVE” your project. You will see the locked symbol on each program block.

Another way to set POU password on S7 200 SMART PLC is on the program block opened, click the “File” tab and click “POU”. And then, do the steps from step 3 above.

set pasword s7 200 smart pou
set pasword s7 200 smart pou

Unlock POU Password S7-200 SMART PLC

Why does it – unlock pou password S7-200 Smart:

plc program with pou protected
plc program with pou protected
  • You need to see the code, edit the program, online to monitor…
  • The program written by you: Maybe forgot the password…
  • Or the program writes by other people: You can not contact the programmer, supplier

How To Do It on 365manuals.com

If you need to unlock/open the POU password of the S7 200 SMART PLC program please follow the steps:

unlock pou pasword s7 200 smart plc
Unlock pou password s7 200 smart plc
  • Firstly, send me the request with your project file. Your project information, I committed to protecting it.
  • Secondly, I will check your PL project, and inform you of the result (can unlock it or not). This step needs time to finish.
  • Thirdly, send you the quotation depending on the POUs that needs to unlock, the complexity of the password, and the time to do that…
  • If the unlocking S7 200 SMART POU password was successful, I will send you a preview of the result.
  • And then, please make a payment to me via Paypal, Western Union or Bank transfer
  • You will receive the unlocked file after the payment is completed.

Some more information

Set and unlock S7 200 SMART POU Password
  • Certainly, I guarantee that the content of the program is right 100%. And, if it has any issue, the money will refund to you.
  • I supported unlock the S7-200 SMART PLC POU password on Step 7 MicroWIN SMART from v2.0 to v2.7
  • However, from v2.2 I unlock all POU manually, I do not have any file or tool to do that.
  • But, I can not give you the password because it is unlocked by break, not read. However, S7-200 POU the read password supported.
  • Finally, if you need to unlock POU password PLC S7 200 SMART, feel free to contact me via Email “[email protected]” or WhatsApp: “(+84) 365.861.365” (via message only). My local time is GMT+07.
  • Moreover, if the S7 200 SMART program asks for a password to open it, I can unlock it also. Refer to unlock S7 200 SMART Project password on 365manuals.com.



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