In this post, I share with you the TIA Portal v18 Highlights from Siemens Automation. The TIA Portal v18 was released on November 2022. Certainly, the TIA v18 with more functions, improvements, innovation, and optimizations. Finally, What’s new in Siemens TIA Portal v18? Read all in this article.

TIA Portal v18 Highlights

  • Firstly, the TIA Portal v18 – What’s new in SIMATIC Hardware
    • Hardware Innovation for S7-1500/ET 200SP CPUs 1510SP to 1516
    • New ET 200SP 1514SP(F)-2 PN CPU
    • New firmware for PLC S7-1200 (FW v4.6) replace S7-1200 Firmware 4.5.2
    • PROFINET system redundancy R1 for S7-1500H and ET 200SP
    • Long-distance H-Sync and flexible network architectures for PLC S7-1500H
    • Improvements for multiuser online (“Who is online”) and hardware offline/offline Compare
  • Secondly, TIA Portal 18 Highlights – WinCC Unified
What’s new in tia portal v18 – WinCC
  • Improved screen engineering
  • Enhanced standardization (Faceplate and Library) and improved plant Intelligence options
  • Extended Openness in ES and in RT
  • System Diagnostics Matric View and Process Diagnostics
  • TIA Portal v18 – WinCC unified: Runtime ready for new operation concepts
  • TIA Portal v18 – What’s new in SIMATIC Motion Control
  • PLC S7-1500 CPU 1511T/TF/ 1515T/TF: more memory and performance
  • ET 200SP Technology CPU 1514SP T/TF-2 PN
  • Functional enhancements to Motion Control and Drive Controller
  • Advanced programming with TO references
  • Kinematic functions up to six interpolating axes

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What’s New in TIA Portal v18 – Step 7

An upgrade from TIA Portal v17 – Step 7, TIA v18 with more improved innovation

  • Namespaces for Software Units
    • Tia Portal v18 – Software Unit provides a “Namespace preset”
    • Every Block/UDT has its own “Namespace” property
    • No namespace for global tags/variables in TIA Portal V18
  • Symbolic Access Runtime
Highlights TIA Portal 18 – Step7

And the Tag names (string variables) can be resolved into the corresponding memory addresses at runtime and thus used for reading/writing data.

  • Improved IEC 61131-3 conformity
  • Long-term Trace for better analyzing sporadic errors or optimizing machinery parameterization
  • Step 7 – TIA v18 Failsafe program in Software Units
    • Global Setting to activate the feature
    • An empty F-Unit is created with a new CPU
    • Safety Administration as usual
TIA Portal highlights 18 pdf

TIA Portal v18 Highlight PDF

  • TIA Portal 18 Highlights PDF (176 pages)
  • Certainly, you can read or download the TIA v18 Highlights (file PDF) at the link below. All are free.

What’s New TIA Portal v18 – Video

What’s new in TIA Portal v18

If you can not watch the video on Youtube, please watch it: Here

TIA Portal 18 Highlights Download

Siemens TIA Portal v18 Highlights
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    • File name: TIA-Portal-V18-Highlights
    • File type: PDF
    • Chapter: N/A
    • Page: 176 pages
    • File size: 11.3 MB
    • Version: Nov 2022
  • Siemens TIA Portal v18 Highlights PDFLink
  • TIA Portal v18 Download full: Link

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