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Today, I share with you the Shihlin HMI Software Download Free – EU Editor v2.9 (2022). The software supported all models of the Shihlin HMI EC series – a brand from Taiwan. Certainly, download Shihlin EU Editor v2.9 on 365manuals are free.

Shihlin HMI Software Download – EU Editor v2.9

Shihlin HMI offers panels with a variety of dimensions and colours, providing convenient and fast control functions for the factory automation industry. Moreover, with free Windows-based user-friendly software, users are able to do programming rapidly.

EU Editor2 Features

Shihlin EU Editor2 download

The Shihlin HMI Software download for the EC series follows the EU Editor software, adding new features to EC models’ options. The functions and features of the EC series:

  • Firstly, the toolbar Shortcut: Provides a graphical user interface for quick-clicking toolbars of standard, view, format, image, object, and edit.
  • Secondly, Graph Drawing: EU Editor v2.9 provides basic graph drawing objects and a variety of libraries for screen editing.
  • Data Elements: Shihlin HMI programming Software provides various objects including switch, lamp, data entry, data display, message display, chart display, meter, level chart and time display.
  • Multiple Languages: EU Editor v2.9 – HMI software supports Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English and Russian.
  • Storage Device: EU Editor2 supports SD memory / USB disk cards to read and write the screen.
The Shihlin eu editor 2.9
  • Data Transfer: Download supports Ethernet and USB to transfer screen data, and provides the By-Pass function to transfer programs from the HMI’s COM port to PLC.
  • In addition, operation Monitoring: Shihlin EU Editor v2.9 allows direct editing and monitoring of the PLC programs via the HMI interface. Uses the operation resume to view the devices used.
Shihlin hmi programming software for HMI ec series
  • Operating system: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP with USB or Ethernet interface
  • CPU; Memory capacity: recommended by Microsoft Corporation for Windows OS (1GHz and 1GB or above)
  • Display unit: Resolution: 1024 × 768 dots, High Color (16 bits) or higher
  • Free space (HDD/SSD): 1.5 GB or above
  • In addition, the network Card 10/100Mbps

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Shihlin EU Editor 2.9 – HMI Supported

Above all, the EU Editor v2.9 supports the latest HMI touchscreen display EC series of Shihlin HMI.

Download EU Editor 2.9

Download Information

  • Overview
    • File name: Shihlin-EU Editor 2.9.5File type: RAR
    • File size: 302 MB
    • Version: v2.9.5 (2022)
    • Link: Mediafire
    • Source: Shihlin Electric
  • How to install
    • Firstly, download the file at the below link
    • Secondly, after downloading the file(s), use WinRAR (for .zip or .rar files) or UltraISO (for .iso files and do not use Windows 10/11) to extract or mount it to the drive.
    • Thirdly, open the folder “Shihlin-EU Editor 2.9.5
    • Finally, run the file “setup.exe” to install EU Editor
Shihlin hmi programming soft download free
  • Shihlin HMI software – EU Editor 2.9.5 Download
  • Moreover, the Shihlin HMI EC200 catalog and EU Editor manual: Link

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