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Today, I share with you an Automation software Keyence PLC Programming software. At first, KV Studio v11 Update 4 is an upgrade with many innovative features and supports the latest PLC models of the Keyence PLC series. Certainly, download Keyence PLC software on 365manuals are free.

KV Studio v11 Functions

KV studio v11 functions
  • Unit Editor function
    • Supported all Keyence PLC series
    • It is used to configure unit settings (PLC, modules) and assign relays.
    • In addition, you can print the unit structure diagrams and settings
  • Editor function
    • You can use the ladder language to create a PLC ladder program.
    • Create a program structure using the module, function block, macro, and local device.
    • Further, convert the ladder program that you have created into a code that all PLC KV Series units can read.
  • Simulator function
    • Simulate the operation of the PLC ladder program without connecting any PLC KV Series units. It enables you to debug the program you have created.
    • You can edit the PLC ladder programs while simulating operation (simulator edit).
  • Monitor function
    • Perform online monitoring of PLC contacts’ ON/OFF status in real-time.
    • Moreover, display time charts and online editing.
  • Replay function
    • Play back the status of the PLC ladder program when a fault occurs with the video shot by the camera.
    • Further, the data when a fault occurs can be checked on the HMI Software (VT STUDIO).

Keyence PLC supported on KV Studio v11 upd4

Certainly, the KV STUDIO 11 upd4 supports the latest PLC models of Keyence PLC.

Keyence plc series on kv studio ver.11
  • The Keyence PLC KV series KV-8000/7500/7300/5500/5000/3000/1000
  • The Keyence PLC series KV-700/700+M/P16
  • The Keyence PLC series KV-10/16/24/40
  • Finally, the Keyence PLC KV Nano series

Refer more to the Automation manual

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KV Studio 11 Upd4 – System requirements

Firstly, to install and use the Keyence PLC software – KV Studio v11 update 4 we need:

Keyence plc programming software download
  • Operating system: A PC installed with Windows 10/8.1/8 and Windows 7 (SP1 or later) with USB and RS-232C or Ethernet interface
  • CPU; Memory capacity: recommended by Microsoft Corporation for Windows OS.
  • Display unit: Resolution: 1024 × 768, High Color (16 bits) or higher
  • Free space (HDD/SSD): 3 GB or more. In addition, to install the KV Studio 11 manual help files in several languages, you need 700 MB of space for each language. And 1 GB of free space is temporarily required during installation.

Download KV Studio 11 Update 4

  • Information KV Studio 11 Upd4
    • File type: ISO
  • How to install Keyence PLC Programming software KV Studio

However, if you can not watch the video above, please check another link in my Video Area (V0053) or give feedback to me via WhatsApp, Email, or Message. Thank you!

  • Download the file at the below link
    • Firstly, after downloading the file(s), use WinRAR (for .zip or .rar files) or UltraISO (for .iso files and do not use Windows 10/11) to extract or mount it to the drive.
    • Secondly, install the KV Studio v6 in the folder “KV-Studio-V6”
    • Finally, Update the Keyence PLC software to v11 update 4
Keyence plc software free download
  • Keyence PLC software – KV Studio v11 update 4 Download
  • Moreover, KV Studio manual ver.11 PDF: Link

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