Hitech Hmi Software Adp V6.16 Download

Hitech HMI Software Download Free – Hitech ADP V6.16 is an Automation Software that supports the Hitech HMI series. ADP V6.16 is the latest version (until now) that supports the latest Hitech HMI model. Download HMI programming software free on 365manuals.

Hitech HMI Software ADP V6.16 – HMI supported

Hitech HMI is the product of Beijer Electronics – a brand from Taiwan. And Hitech ADP V6.16 supported the HMI models:

hitech adp hmi software v6
HMI model supported on Hitech ADP software v6
  • The Hitech HMI: AD1600-mono, AD1600-Color
  • The Hitech HMI – PWS5000 series: PWS-5600S, PWS-5600T, PWS-5610S, PWS-5610T, PWS-5A00T
  • The Hitech HMI – PWS6000 series: PWS-6300, PWS-6310, PWS-6400, PWS-6500, PWS-6560, PWS-6600S, PWS-6600C, PWS-6600T, PWS-6620S, PWS-6620T, PWS-6700T, PWS-6710T, PWS-6800C, PWS-6A00F, PWS-6A00T, PWS-6600T-S PWS-6600T-P, PWS-6600T-N, PWS-6620S-P, PWS-6620S-N, PWS-6620T-P, PWS-6620T-N, PWS-6700T-P, PWS-6700T-N, PWS-6800C-P, PWS-6800C-N, PWS-6A00F-P, PWS6-A00T-P, PWS-6A00T-N
  • ADP v6.16 supported the Hitech HMI X2Base series: X2Base5 ADP, X2Base7 ADP, X2Base10 ADP
  • And the Hitech SoftPanel.

All Hitech HMI series on Hitech ADP V6.16 supported communication with many PLC brands such as Keyence PLC; Schneider PLC; Siemens PLC; Delta PLC; Mitsubishi PLC…

Further, you can download the PLC software and HMI software… in the “Automation software download” area on 365manuals.

Refer more to the Automation software on 365manuals

ADP V6.16 Software – System requirements

Firstly, to download Hitech HMI software – ADP 6.16 and use it, we need:

Hitech hmi programming software for pws series
HMI programming software for the PWS series
  • Windows OS system: A PC installed with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 with USB, RS-232C or Ethernet interface.
  • CPU; Memory capacity (RAM): recommended by Windows OS.
  • Display unit: Resolution 1024 × 768, High Color (16 bits) or higher
  • Free space (HDD/SSD): 500 MB or more.
  • In addition, mouse, Keyboard

Information HMI Software Download Free

  • Information Hitech ADP software V6.16
    • File name: 365manuals.com_ADP V6.16.0-B206
    • File type: ZIP
    • File size: 25.6 MB 20211220.
    • Version: V6.16 Build B206
    • Release date: Sep 2021 (Latest version)
    • Software language: English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish
    • Link fast speed (Mediafire, Google Drive, OneDrive…)
    • Source: Beijer Electronics
Hitech adp v6.16 download free
Hitech adp v6.16 download free
  • How to install Hitech HMI Software – Hitech ADP 6.16
    • Firstly, download the setup file at the below link.
    • After downloading the file(s), use WinRAR (for .zip or .rar file) to extract the file to the PC
    • Open the extracted folder
    • Run the file “setup.exe” and follow the guide to install the HMI programming software.
    • In case of incompatible problems, installing and running Hitech ADP V6.16 as administrator is suggested.
    • Finally, open and use the HMI software

Change Language Hitech ADP 6

After you install Hitech ADP v6 if the software language is Chinese, you can follow the below guide to change the language for Hitech HMI Software – ADP V6 to English or another language supported by ADP v6. And then, restart the Hitech ADP V6.16 and use it.

change language hitech adp 6
Change language hitech adp 6

Download ADP V6.16 Hitech HMI Software – Video

Hitech ADP V6.16 Download

However, you can watch all videos at “365manuals video” also.

  • HMI software Download – ADP V6.16 Download

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