In this post, I show you the Delta ASDA B2 Manual PDF, which is the user manual and catalog of the Delta Servo B2 series. ASDA B2 is a servo series with High Precision, High Response, and Cost Effective. In reality, it uses in many applications. Certainly, read or download ASDA B2 Manual on Automation software 365evn are free.

Delta ASDA B2 Manual PDF – Contents

B2 series applications

ASDA B2 is servo series from Delta. Firstly, the cost-effective. Secondly, high performance. After all, ASDA-B2 Series servo motors and drives bring general-purpose machine control applications to the industrial automation market and enhance the competitive advantage of servo systems. However, the power rating of the ASDA-B2 Series ranges from 0.1kW to 3kW only.

Servo asda b2 Product features

In this article, you can read or download the “ASDA B2 manual” and “ASDA B2 catalog”.

  • Firstly, the Delta ASDA B2 catalogue (40 pages) includes:
    • Introduction about ASDA B2 series servo.
    • Model name explanation, Product line-up, Part names, and functions
Delta servo drive b2
  • ASDA-B2 Servo Drive specifications and dimensions
  • ASDA-B2 Servo Motor specifications and dimensions
  • Speed-Torque curve and optional accessories
  • Secondly, the Servo ASDA B2 manual (10 chapters, 345 pages) includes:
    • Model explanation, installation, and wiring
    • ASDA B2 servo panel display and operation
    • Trial operation and tuning
    • Control modes of operation for servo ASDA B2
    • Servo drive parameters
    • ASDA B2 manual – Communications
ASDA B2 servo manual
  • ASDA B2 Manual – Troubleshooting
  • Specifications of servo drive and servo motor

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Servo Drive ASDA B2 Manual and Catalog

  • Information Delta ASDA B2 catalog
    • File name: Servo-ASDA-B2-catalog-v1021
Delta Servo asda b2 catalog
  • File type: PDF
  • Chapter: N/A
  • Page: 40 pages
  • File size: 3.0 MB
  • Version: Oct 2021 (latest)
  • Information Delta ASDA B2 Manual
Asda B2 user manual
  • File name: Servo-ASDA-B2-user-manual-v1020
  • File type: PDF
  • Chapter: 10
  • Page: 345 pages
  • File size: 12.0 MB
  • Version: Oct 2021 (latest)
  • Delta ASDA B2 catalog: Download
  • Delta ASDA B2 User Manual PDF: Download
  • 365evn Servo Training Channel: Link

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